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Dirty & Rowdy

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Dirty & Rowdy


We recently had an epic picnic with Hardy Wallace, one of our favorite winemakers from Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery. If you've ever been to wine country, you understand that someone telling you to meet them outside Gott's Roadside in downtown Napa is out of the ordinary for a "Winemaker Tasting." This is exactly what we love about Hardy and part of what we love about the wines. These are raw, honest, and soul-soothing wines. They come from the heart, and we are here for them. Every time you buy a bottle of D & R from Golden Age, you are supporting Hardy and his family's mission. Yes, they want to make great wines, but they want to be good humans, and we like that. Back to the picnic- Hardy brought about 12 bottles of wine to our picnic. Now what you should know about industry or trade tastings is that typically when you meet with a producer, they bring wines that they want to sell you. Not Hardy. Not a single wine he brought was available for purchase. We liked that too. We like that Hardy likes wine that we like. He actually brought a few wines that we sell here at Golden Age that were not his. Icon bottles, if you will. After a few hours of the wines washing down the onion rings and hamburgers and after our kids had put on quite the show running through the picnic and chasing the California sunset, it was time to call it. Hardy had just that day gotten back from vacation with his family. He was in a good headspace, you could say. Most people wouldn't come to hang out with a ragtag crew from Alabama and bring along a yeti full of wine on a normal occasion, let alone an hour or two after a week-long vacation with the fam. After a few hugs and well wishes, we were off, only left with memories from the picnic as Hardy didn't have any wine to sell us. Until about a week ago when we got a care package. We are extremely grateful and excited to share the following wines with you.


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