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For us, wine is like listening to music. You hear it one way one day and you find nuances the next time you listen to it. That's what we love about this journey. Wine is a living product that changes year to year and we are here for that. The wines we love live on the edge, made by talented winemakers who take what mother nature gives them and turn grapes into ethereal wines. Wines that push you to think and expand your horizons. Wines that connect you to certain places and people leaving you with memories you'll have forever, like the memories we have with the winemakers on our shelves. Small operations that rely on shops like ours to support their decisions to farm sustainably and make financial decisions based on preserving the land and the honesty of the wine, not their pocketbooks.

We are committed to offering wines grown sustainably with little to no intervention in the winemaking process, which means vineyards that do not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers and are practicing organic or biodynamic farming practices. We believe that using native yeast is the best way to ensure the wine tastes and smells like the location where the wine grows. We are passionate about highlighting producers that choose to farm and make wine this way. All of our food follows the same ethos as our wine sourcing. We source high-quality ingredients that place an emphasis on farming and the impact made on the environment