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2019 Occhipinti Frappato IGT Terre Siciliane



Grape: Frappato

From: Sicily, Italy

Farming Practice: Organic

Tasting Notes: red raspberries, pink roses, mellow tannin

"Il Frappato stems from a dream which I had when I was a girl to make a wine that knows the land that I work, the air I breath and my own thoughts. It is bitter, bloody and elegant. That is Vittoria and the Iblei Mountains. It is the wine that most resembles me, brave, original and rebellious. But not only. It has peasant origins, for this it loves its roots and the past that it brings in; but, at the same time, it is able to fight to improve itself. It knows refinement without forgetting itself." -Arianna Occhipinti

When Arianna Occhipinti was 16, her uncle Giusto Occhipinti of COS Wines, invited her to come and stay and help out at his winery. This experience was the start to her winemaking career. She went to school soon after to study winemaking but quickly realized her uncle made wine in a way that school was not going to teach her. She learned what she needed from him and then began making her own wine. When making wine, Arianna respects all aspects of the land and winemaking process, even if it requires more time. She respects the wine as if it was a person and therefore, creates wine that tastes like the place it was born while also telling stories about her as a winemaker.