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Our Guide to Creating The Golden Age Vibe at Home

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We’re all finding ways to make sense of this strange time. It’s not only the food and hospitality that we are missing during this time it’s also the treat of getting out of the house and going into an environment that a restaurant or bar owner has spent a lot of time thinking about how best to serve you. One thing we’ve wanted to do from the very beginning is to create a space that transported you to somewhere new, somewhere fresh and exciting. We thought one way to do that now is offer some resources to up your home wine game. We just ask that you come back and visit us once this is all over :)

Step 1: Botanical Art


Create an architectural floral arrangement inspired by the one Holly Carlisle designed for Golden Age. We enlisted Holly Carlisle to work her magic in our space and we think by using her “seasonal sketch” exercise, you can do the same at home! She is currently posting ideas of local plantings that can be found all over town and maybe even in your own backyard. We’ve been doing this at home and it’s cool how one branch taken out of context can be so simple, yet so beautiful. We thank Holly for that :)

Step 2: Grab The Goods

Another goal we had with opening Golden Age was to work with local artisans to showcase the talent and beauty located right here in Alabama. Pick up some local honey from We Three Beeks, some Herbed Salt made by us, a custom Cheese Board made by Brandon’s grandfather George Loper, some beautiful stoneware made by Katherine Tucker of Civil Stoneware and last but not least do yourself a favor and buy a couple of nice wine glasses from Gabriel Glas! All products now available on our brand new online store.


Step 3: Crank The Tunes


We collaborated with friends on different playlists to set the Golden Age vibe. The first one up is from a good friend who has always had a knack for making killer playlists. David Bourke is a talented Cinematographer that has worked with Brandon on several films and is now making his own wine with Eric Bach under the label Good Boy. If you are in LA they are currently offering delivery!

Play some tunes from our inaugural Golden Age playlist.

Step 4: Stock Up


Stock up on wine and enjoy! Online shopping experience coming sooooooooooooon :) For now, you can call us at 205-848-8877 or email us at and we can help you pick out the perfect bottle and deliver it to you curbside. ORDER

Step 5: Grub

Have a snack! Pick up a curbside charcuterie and cheese board using our curbside menu or make your own using high quality ingredients made by local farmers like Sweet Grass Dairy out of Thomasville, Georgia or Sequatchie Cove Creamery out of Tennessee. CURBSIDE MENU

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